Song of the Day, January 1: King Strut by Peter Blegvad

BlegvadStrutSlapToday’s song is a curious story of challenges and success. Peter Blegvad’s recording career has been sporadic, but each release is charming and unique. King Strut and Other Stories is his folkiest offering, and the title track is an epic story song, telling the life of its mysterious titular character. Dwight Strut is a poor orphan who happens upon a man about to breathe his last. The man imparts a secret to Strut, empowering him to become a force for good in the world, albeit through his particular lens.

The lyrics are classic Blegvad, filled with smart observations, clever wordplay, and elliptical references. Each verse opens with a wonderful generalization that allows him to explore Strut’s character and adventures. Two of my favorites:

  • “Imagination, like a muscle, will increase with exercise.”
  • “A man without a moral code is just an appetite.”

His brother, Kristoffer, provides an amazing guitar figure that propels the tale along. It’s a great musical package and a standout in Blegvad’s fascinating career. The message of hope and effort also seems like a perfect way to welcome in the New Year.

Happy 2017! Enjoy this delightful song today.


About Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Freelance writer, researcher, online comic vendor, and project manager. Fan of a wide range of music -- especially folk and 80s pop -- vintage comics, British TV, and LGBT fiction.

One Response to Song of the Day, January 1: King Strut by Peter Blegvad

  1. Cheryl Oneal says:

    Totally class!

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