Song of the Day, May 10: Icehouse by Icehouse (aka Flowers)

icehouse_flowersToday’s song went from title track to band name. The Australian synth-pop band Flowers released their debut album, Icehouse, at home, garnering enough good press to land an international deal with Chrysalis records. Since there was a Scottish band with the same name, they adopted the name of their first LP. They remixed the disc and created one of the finest moody synth albums of the 80s.

The title track remains one of their best moments, an apt selection for their new identity. Singer Iva Davies wrote the track, inspired by both a literal icehouse and an asylum near his home. The connection works well, and the sense of cold isolation permeates the track. Grim, steady drumming anchors an eerie synth, over which Davies provides a clean, stark vocal. It’s an impressive package.

Enjoy this dark meditation today.


About Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Freelance writer, researcher, online comic vendor, and project manager. Fan of a wide range of music -- especially folk and 80s pop -- vintage comics, British TV, and LGBT fiction.

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