Song of the Day, February 26: World Party by the Waterboys

WaterboysWorldPartyToday’s song turns an unusual inspiration into a celebration. When Karl Wallinger left the Waterboys, band leader Mike Scott took some time to re-tool the band. The result was an amazing blend of Irish folk, mystical lyrics, and chiming rock passion. Fisherman’s Blues is a compelling hybrid, showing off Scott and his new band in a burst of creative energy. One of the finest tracks is World Party. Curiously, that’s the name Wallinger took on for his solo work and was also the name of a track on his debut. Where Wallinger is quiet, evocative, and enviro-utopian, Scott took things another direction. His approach is a real PARTY, with all the world taking part. An eclectic dance anthem with a solid folk backbone, it’s fun and energetic, sharing little but the title and a sense of cooperation with Wallinger’s song. (Scott gave his erstwhile bandmate writing credit nonetheless.)

Enjoy this energetically different approach today.


About Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Freelance writer, researcher, online comic vendor, and project manager. Fan of a wide range of music -- especially folk and 80s pop -- vintage comics, British TV, and LGBT fiction.

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