Song of the Day, January 14: I’m In Love With My Car by Queen

QueenCarToday’s song is a rev-up from Queen’s masterpiece, A Night At the Opera. The album is truly a group effort, and each member of the quartet turns in one of the disc’s standout tracks. I’m In Love With My Car was written and sung by drummer Roger Taylor. It’s one of the hardest rockers on the album, an over-the-top bit of bombast that surges like the engine it celebrates.

A heavy metal love song to an automobile should be ridiculous. Instead, the song works, due in large part to Taylor refusing to camp it up. The serious delivery results in grandeur where there could be goofiness. To be sure, it has its whimsy, but it works as an authentic tribute to the singer’s wheels.

Enjoy this fun rocker today.


About Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Freelance writer, researcher, online comic vendor, and project manager. Fan of a wide range of music -- especially folk and 80s pop -- vintage comics, British TV, and LGBT fiction.

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